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Services General services: AMS provides inspections with clear reports of your complete airport lighting, with all associated installations and control systems. We inspect and test according to, ICAO, EASA, STANAG. We check / inspect the following installation parts: All types of lighting intended for air traffic. Also PAPI and signage Energy supply, emergency power supply, high and low voltage distributors, no-break and shortbreak generators, inverters. Control rooms with associated equipment, CCRs, output transformers, impedance monitors, peripherals Installation technology Adjusting or expanding electrical installations. Extensions or necessary changes to your electrical installation are carried out by us in a practical and responsible manner. Inspections, thermal scan, lightning protection. Fault analysis AMS has a lot of experience in analyzing faults. Resources specially developed for this purpose support us in this. Network connections and (video) intercom: Construction, modification or rectification of a malfunction. You can also contact us for network connections and intercom installations. Maintenance Airport Maintenance Services, it is even in our company name. With years of experience in the maintenance of all aspects of airport lighting, innovative strength and knowledge of the operational processes at airports, we are also your maintenance specialist. With as reference for example the airports, Schiphol, Lelystad, Rotterdam, Teuge, Twente, Gilze-Rijen, Volkel, De Kooij, Woensdrecht, Deelen, Eindhoven, and Leeuwarden. Maintenance and modification of: - All lighting on runways and runways -I nstallations for energy supply, including emergency power supplies - CCR Controllers (constant current) - Control and signaling systems - High voltage cabling ("loops") - Lamp transformers and transformer pits - System parts for earthing - Signs (information & location signs) - Control rooms Maintenance plans adapted to your operational process, in consultation. Execution day and night, flexible, and in efficient combination with other works. Emergency power Twente Tower Maintenance PAPI system Teuge Airport Temporary Airfiel lights Approachlights Twente Airport Lelystad Airport Touchscreen Tower Wireless datatransfer and beaconTwente Airport Twente Airport PAPI systems Twente Airport Windindicator Twente Airport LED Airfield lights Teuge Airport