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Teuge International Airport: Construction and commissioning of runway lighting complete, PAPI, Edge lighting, Thresholds, Runway End, CCRs. Internal LED lighting Signs. Runway lighting in LED. Delivery Meteo equipment, sight measurement, wind speed measurement, wind direction measurement. Department of Defense: Leeuwarden Air Base, Deelen; Inspection and advice for airport lighting, control technology, MOSKIT and emergency power supplies Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations: Confidential projects Management reconstruction project air camp de Kooij; Construction of a taxiway, reconstruction of the main runway, control stations, control technology, emergency power supplies Reconstruction of the military platform and helipots Delivery of AMS LED V002-004 modules for the internal lighting of all airfield signs.RESA project, management. Management reconstruction main road Vllieg base Eindhoven; Remove existing runway lighting. Construction of new runway lighting in LED. Renovation of control stations and replacement of CCR and emergency power supplies. Engineering UPS systems air base Eindhoven. Volkel Air Base: Replaced internal lighting IRDM signs with AMS LED modules. Woensdrecht Air Base: Insulation measurements for high-voltage cabling for runway lighting. Interference analysis for high-voltage cabling for airport lighting Schiphol: Monitor ring airport lighting G-area (innovation project) Cut-Outs / high-voltage switch-disconnectors and earth fittings 5kV for Baan and Rijbaanstations Intercom and CCTV systems Fire Department, Support Services, Garage Wireless CCTV roof G-pier and F-pier CCTV Aviobrugs Amp-clamp testers Edgemarkers Noise measurement stations NOMOS maintenance and modification New construction of NOMOS noise measuring stations (Amstelveen, roof location, Amsterdam roof location ,, Castricum roof location, Zaandam roof location, Limmen ground location, Hoofddorp ground location ground noise, Velsen roof location, A'dam-Osdorp ground location, Heemstede roof location, Warmond roof location, Lisse ground location, Aalsend ground location, Assalsmeer ground location, Hoofddorp Floriande ground location), Unserviceability lights Load banks Installation inspections Stand-alone energy supply for De-Icing (solar panels / wind energy combination) Inspection of lamp transformers for airport lighting for reuse Plastic venting sleeves for transformer pits, customer-specific development Runway Closure Marker Lamp testers for airport lighting Maastricht Aachen Airport: Reconstruction project Main runway and control rooms; Mobile runway lighting with temporary wireless control from control tower during project Lelystad Airport: Total maintenance Runway lighting, Runway station, Emergency power installation Public Lighting Savings System Access control system Large alarm system Burglary protection Fire station All CCTV systems in buildings and grounds Wireless CCTV systems Catalina Hangar and Aviodrome Voice Logging System CCTV Fire engine Replace obstruction lighting for LED LED lighting mandatory and information signs (innovation project) Edgemarkers Operating system Exits from control tower Tank island emergency stop function from control tower Intercom systems Replace PAPI Moving Port service desk desks with all cabling and systems Construction of temporary runway lighting including 2 PAPI systems and control system Wireless control of runway lighting from temporary Tower Wireless coupling of large alarm system for temporary tower Transceiver for air traffic communication in temporary control tower Rotterdam The Hague Airport: Failure repair of runway lighting Modification transformer pits / high voltage welding Engineering PAPI 06 displacement Move and replace PAPI 06 Placing PAPI 24 Windsock installation with lighting Control room modification, replacement of thyristor controls to sine controls. Adjusting control and signaling control rooms / control tower Frangible marking posts ramps Baan Edgemarkers Taxiway Groningen Airport Eelde: Zero measurement inspections Emergency power, Airport lighting and control systems Insulation measurement high voltage cabling Runway lighting CCR for RGL system 5kV Cut-out for 5kV installation Twente Airport: Installation manager (role) runway lighting Plates PAPI systemsRenovation of entire airport lighting and systemsControl system with touchscreenWireless communication systemsWind indicatorsInstruction lightingProject induction lighting Heliport and taxi-way Gooisse Gliding Club / Hilversum: Delivery and installation of communication systems / walkie-talkies Pilotage: Construction of a new Taxiway and Helispot lighting in Maasvlakte Pro-rail: Illuminance measurements for railway yards Measurement grounding equalization lines Betuwelijn Municipality of Amstelveen: Periodic measurements sewer system 45 locations Tu Delft: Measurements and inspection cables for student house VVE Watermillplantsoen Haarlem: Remove installations for glass washing 2 buildings Pathé cinemas: Replaced speaker systems behind film