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Manufacturing / development / innovation
We produce products in-house. Focused on techniques applied at airports or other technical solutions designed on customer request. Some examples are:
Loadbanks For (CCR) constant current controllers. Robust design. 10kW each, adjustable per 2.5 kW. Linkable to 3 pieces (30kW) Forced cooling for which no separate power supply is required.
5 kV Cut-outs / earthing separator For safely visible separation of high voltage parts up to 5 kV. Separate earthing kit available to work safely when working on serial high-voltage cabling of airport lighting.
Lamp tester for airport lighting Portable and handy unit that makes it possible to test both halogen and LED types of airport luminaires. Equipped with internal battery, also rechargeable on car 12V. Provides a constant current with halogen or LED airport luminaires up to 300W
Edgemarkers Taxiway Taxiway Edgemarker with blue reflection ICAO conform. In case of impact, the edgemark will deform, to prevent FOD at airports. Product that is frequently used at the airports of Schiphol, Lelystad, Rotterdam, Teuge, etc.
LED light modules voor Airfield Signs AMS developed to replace existing internal lighting in Airfield Signs LED modules. These modules are directly connected to the airport lighting and ensure ICAO-compliant dimmable light output. Energy efficient, economical and sustainable. Works without separate control gear. Suitable for constant current systems from 0 - 6.6A. Successfully in use at several airports. product reference: AMS-LED-SIGN V002-004